United Steel’s “Beaver” Drive spikes are used in Tie plates, crossing planks, switch stands, bridge guard rails, or any other areas where pre-drilling is not required.

Here are some of the “Beaver’s” features:

  1. Tough Steel: Produced from special steel and heat treated to minimum of 160/170,000 PSI tensile.
  2. Full Body: To prevent failure around the neck during the installation and the removal of the spikes.
  3. Available in extruded shoulder upon request.
  4. Galvanized: To prevent rust in the areas of high moisture and salt. Makes the installation and removal of the “Beavers” an easy task.
  5. Eliminates Predrilling: The sharp points, threads, and special thread configurations makes the application of “Beavers” an easy job.
  6. Minimum of 8,000 lbs. pull.
  7. Use 80 ft/lb. regular standard impact wrench for application.• Supplied with adaptors upon request.